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I can't live with this...

Hi people's!
It was too boring in school...oh gosh...
Now, I'm gonna to write my song...i don't have a talent..to write a text but maybe it's cool xD

This is a story about true life
I tried to live like another kid's
but it's very hard to me
In home always troubles...in school too
I want to be somebody else
I wish stay in here forever
But I can't live with this...
I tried to belive in miracle...
but did they done?...
I don't know...
I know there's something in
the wake od your smile...
They are a voices that want to be heard...

Yeap...is't just all...i know that is very small...but on every lessons i wrote a new text xD.
Know I'm learning the text of "Schrei"..my favourite...word's are:
Schrei so laut du kannst!

In Polen es schneit oft xD, ich liebe schnee und meine freunde:
~Martuśka xD =*******
~Fly })i({ =*******
~Ann xD =********
~Moni$ =******
=**** Big kisses for You xD

I'm gonna go..LESSONS...and tomorrow..we'll have a test from Maths ;/

BYE, BYE =***
P.S Put a little comment's

24.11.05 17:52

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Cola (24.11.05 19:04)
Oh, God! It's amazing, man! You know, I like this song. Can you sing its? For me XD? Kisses

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