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True or False?=/

What do you think about TH girl's?
Are they love them?It's true or false...because I don't know...For me Svenja & Evelin are UGLY :/..sorry for this but it's my opinnion xD.Oh I don't know what to do in home...i make my home work...hmmm...what can i do?=)..I don't know...=P..but know i'm listening music, watching tv..and writing this note( Eintrag xD).Ok, i'm gonna to write something about clip "Schrei"(in English "Shout"..i'm writing in Deutsch xD)
"Schrei-auch wenn es wehtut":Bill geht beim Dreh voll aus such raus!
Georg:"Ich hab meinen Spezialbass zetrummert-dafur komm ich bestimmt mal in die Holle!"
Meine liebling Liede sind Vor Th xD
~Schrei( oŁ jEEEE xD =***)
~DDm xD
..hmm Alles Liede sind SUPER!!xD
Ich mag hort Leb die Sekunde (akustik version xD).
It's too boring in here...I don't know what to do..but i wan't tomorrow!xD I've got a disko...(i won't drunk...%)I very like dancing.
I will tried to wrote something about me in Deutsch xD

Hallo, Ich heisse Viola(fur freunde Ola xD), ich bin 15 jahre alt..und ich komme aus Polen...wohne in Warschau.Meine haare sind dunkel blond, meine augen sind braun ich bin:
~ toll
~ nett
~ sympatisch
~verr?ckt xD
Am libsten ich geht ins Kino mit dem Freunde...=P
Meine mottos:
~Schrei so laut du kannst!!)))
Tschus =***
Ok, sorry for any mistakes..but I'm learning Germany's...(3 years xD)


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I can't live with this...

Hi people's!
It was too boring in school...oh gosh...
Now, I'm gonna to write my song...i don't have a talent..to write a text but maybe it's cool xD

This is a story about true life
I tried to live like another kid's
but it's very hard to me
In home always troubles...in school too
I want to be somebody else
I wish stay in here forever
But I can't live with this...
I tried to belive in miracle...
but did they done?...
I don't know...
I know there's something in
the wake od your smile...
They are a voices that want to be heard...

Yeap...is't just all...i know that is very small...but on every lessons i wrote a new text xD.
Know I'm learning the text of "Schrei"..my favourite...word's are:
Schrei so laut du kannst!

In Polen es schneit oft xD, ich liebe schnee und meine freunde:
~Martuśka xD =*******
~Fly })i({ =*******
~Ann xD =********
~Moni$ =******
=**** Big kisses for You xD

I'm gonna go..LESSONS...and tomorrow..we'll have a test from Maths ;/

BYE, BYE =***
P.S Put a little comment's

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LUNA (our team xD..but on photo it isn't Moni$ ;()
From the left are:
~Ann =***
~Fly =***
~Me xD oŁ jEE xD

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" border=0"> " border=0">
It's me on left and my friend Ann =***

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So sweet, so cool =)))

sweet Tom =***

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